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Vallfirest vft3 Wildland Fire Helmet wildfire helmet, Vallfirest fire helmet, wildland fire helmet, fire helmet, nfpa 1977 helmet
Price: $129.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: VAL AVA03 -

Designed to meet the needs of individuals involved in rescue operations or forest fires.Enveloping design made of a single-piece of PC / ABS without added paints. With a protective visor offering a greater level of protection against liquids from discharges of airborne media with retardant for the flame. Manufactured with high quality materials.Technical specifications:Increases resistance and protectionIncreased protection against side, front and rear impacts due...

Vallfirest Gorgui Classic Multi-Purpose Tool gorgui classic, gorgui
Price: $135.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: VAL CVS0101 -

Digging / Raking / Cutting / Dragging A versatile tool for all types of grounds and fuels The Gorgui Classic, a multi-purpose tool, is specifically crafted for wildland firefighting and developed based on the experience and needs of highly skilled firefighting teams. Its key attribute is its versatility on all types of ground, combining all the most commonly used tools for extinguishing wildland fires in one. The replaceable cutting blade is sharpened on both the inner and outer surfaces,...