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Fiberglass Handle Tools

Carried by firemen all over the country, Nupla fire tools have enjoyed an excellent reputation for over two decades.

The strength of Nuplaglas handles exceeds all Federal standards. Flame resistant to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the handles resist heat to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and are unaffected by sub zero temperatures. They have excellent dielectric properties that make them safe to use even in wet conditions. Smooth, resin rich handle surfaces protect users from splinters and resist UV deterioration. The handles are unaffected by cuts, blows, moisture, or most industrial chemicals and are easily cleaned of concrete, tar etc. In addition, these firefighter tools have a high shelf life since they are unaffected by fungus, termites or dry rot as are wood handled tools.

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Nupla Fire Swatter with Fiberglass Handle
Price: $143.00
Nupla Item #: NUP FS-FG -

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! ONLY 9 REMAINING. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.Fire Swatter with fire resistant Neoprene flap is useful for smothering grass, straw and small brush fires. 60” Nuplaglas fiberglass handle adds strength and durability to this tool. Classic® handle is made with the patented Nuplaglas process of pultruding millions of continuous parallel fiberglass strands cured under tension in a thermosetting resin to create solid tool handles of tremendous strength and durability....

Nupla Fire Rake with Fiberglass Handle
Price: $96.00
Nupla Item #: NUP FR-FG -

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.ONLY 8 REMAINING.NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.The Nupla Fire Rake, made with four tempered steel blades securely riveted on an angle iron frame, is a generous purpose tool for raking fire lines, digging, rolling, burning logs, chopping small brush, weeding and cleaning. Installed on a 60" Nuplaglas handle, this tool will take in-field abuse much better than a wood handled tool.Weighs 5lb. with a 60" Classic handle. Classic® handle is made with the...