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Every piece of equipment you use, no matter how big or small, needs to be of the highest-quality. You can’t run the risk of your equipment giving out on you in the heat of the moment. For this reason, we stock only premium electronics and flashlights for firefighters. Our Petzl MYO RXP Programmable Headlamp is first-class in versatility. With several lighting modes, low-temperature compatibility, and a Wide Angle lens, this headlamp can join you on short-distance runs or multi-day treks.

The FoxFury Rook CheckMate is a handheld flashlight that provides a 600 torch lumen white light for extreme illumination. If you like the FoxFury brand but want a hands-free version, try our FoxFury Command 20 Wildland Fire Headlamp. This design can fit right onto your helmet with little to no interference. It’s also resistant to temperatures up to 500°F, offers a 38° field of vision, and runs on 4 AA batteries. In other words, this light is the best choice for your wildland firefighting needs.

Firefighter helmet lights often need holders, and we offer those as well. The Blackjack Helmet Flashlight holder is a handy piece of equipment made, from aircraft-grade aluminum and sized to fit nearly all firefighter helmets. Check out our store to see our full list of firefighter flashlights and other products. Firefighting is no simple task and dependable equipment is a requirement.