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Structure Protection Sprinklers

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Giant Soaker Wildfire Protection Sprinkler Hose System
Price: $399.00
Giant Soaker Hose Item #: GIA GSI15X100 -

Protects structures, including homes and businesses, from wildfires. New patented technology.Quick and easy high water volume designed to protects buildings from wildfires. Simply by laying out the 100 foot long 1.5 inch diameter lay-flat PVC Giant Soaker Hose and hooking it up to a gas powered 4 to 9+ HP water pump, you can provide exterior fire protection when wildfires threaten your home. Emits 40-100 gallons depending upon the power of your water pump (the more powerful, the better) and...

Scotty Squall Wall
Price: $12.10
Scotty Item #: SCT 4056 -

Appliance for a pressured water line, creates a wall of water to help wet and protect.Can create a wall of water 40 feet wide and 20 feet high.Secure with three screws or a single spike in the ground.Three flow rates available: 15, 30 and 50 GPM.Available with 1-½" male or with female threads (with double female connector).The Scotty 4056 is an easy to use device that creates a thin wall of water to help cool and protect structures. The user simply attaches the Squall wall to a water supply...