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Foam Nozzles

Foam Nozzles

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Variable Eductor Nozzles for Foam Systems
Price: $281.45
Thermo Technologies Item #: THG TG -

Variable setting eductors (1% & 2%) and nozzle with “D” handle shutoff and pistol grip (1-gallon model has no pistol grip). All are standard 1-1/2” NH thread.1 gallon - 4 ft Pick-up Hose with 18″ Pick-Up Spike. Drop into any container or bucket.5 gallon - 10 ft Pick Up Hose & Cap Assembly for 5-Gallon Pails. Foam or Gel. Includes 3/4" GHT Shut-Off.

Mad Dog Multi-Expansion Aspirating Foam Nozzle Attachment madd dog, madd dog nozzle, mad dog, mad dog nozzle
Price: $143.95
Madd Dog Foam Nozzles Item #: MAD 15MD -

Mad Dog aspirating attachment is constructed of pressure injected polymer resins, which make it economical, lightweight, and incredibly rugged. Even with the nozzle attached, the Mad Dog is still less than 8 inches in length. This multiple expansion nozzle offers a rugged versatility and performance not found in any other nozzle.THE MAD DOG FOAM NOZZLEThe MAD DOG was developed by a fire captain who wasn't satisfied with available aspirating foam nozzles. He focused on developing a nozzle where...

Scotty Pincher Dual Pattern Nozzle
Price: $32.00
Scotty Item #: SCT 4006 -

Flexible tipped nozzle that the user can simply squeeze between the fingers to change the spray pattern from a straight stream to a fan or slot pattern. Manufactured from glass-reinforced, engineering grade polymers. Very lightweight, extremely durable and absolutely corrosion proof. Can be used with Class A or Class B foams, but not designed to generate the type of bubble structure typical of our air-aspirating foam nozzles. Comes with 1.5” Female threads. Also comes with a stream...

Scotty Rocket Nozzle
Price: $7.30
Scotty Item #: SCT 4004-YF -

Standard 3/4” GHT. Adjustable nozzle produces super fine jet stream and a full cone fog spray. Flows at 1.25 GPM in straight stream. Effective reach of stream 30’ Jet, 15’ Full Cone. High visibility fluorescent yellow. Made of corrosion proof, glass fiber filled nylon.