Vallfirest Gorgui Classic Multi-Purpose Tool

  • Vallfirest Gorgui Classic Multi-Purpose Tool - VAL CVS0101
  • Vallfirest Gorgui Classic Multi-Purpose Tool - VAL CVS0101
Price: $135.99

Digging / Raking / Cutting / Dragging

A versatile tool for all types of grounds and fuels

The Gorgui Classic, a multi-purpose tool, is specifically crafted for wildland firefighting and developed based on the experience and needs of highly skilled firefighting teams. Its key attribute is its versatility on all types of ground, combining all the most commonly used tools for extinguishing wildland fires in one.

The replaceable cutting blade is sharpened on both the inner and outer surfaces, ensuring optimal efficiency across a variety of tasks. 

Head Material: Anti-Wear Hardox 450 Steel

Handle Material: Eucalyptus Wood

Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.2 in

Handle Weight 1.76 Ibs

Total Weight 4.76 Ibs

Cutting Blade

Produced with abrasion-resistant anti-wear steel sheet metal with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW, the bending and cutting angles are optimized for easier use of each tool and increase overall work performance.

Handle and Head

An ergonomic eucalyptus wooden handle with different diameters for a short grip to dig and a long grip to cut and drag.

Optional Sleeve

Made with adjustable nylon, the Gorgui Classic sleeve allows for anti-cut protection and enables hands-free carrying.

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