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Foam Proportioners

Foam Proportioners

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Aquis Foam Proportioner System
Price: $6,015.00-$8,199.00
Waterous Company Item #: WAT AQUIS -

Delivers a level of performance and reliability typically reserved for more expensive Class A foam proportioning systems. Available in two sizes (Aquis™ 1.5 and Aquis™ 2.5) to fit your needs, Aquis features a non-corroding brass body pump as well as sensors that measure water temperature and water flow to create the ideal water-to-concentrate ratio for a superior foam solution. Dollar for dollar and feature for feature, there's no doubting that Aquis is the finest foam...

FoamPro 1601
Price: $4,639.00
Hypro LLC/Foam Pro Item #: HPR FP1600 -

Includes a Hypro twin plunger pump and DC (12 or 24 volt) motor assembly. Also included is a panel-mounted operator control unit with instructions, flowmeter (1-1/2” or 2”), strainer, complete shielded cable set and RFI/EMI suppression kit.The system features fully automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure, and delivers unmatched accuracy over the entire flow range. It proportions continuously, with no stopping to refill the foam tanks.NEW – Now capable of quickly...

Waterous/Chemonics-Style Foam Proportioning System 1-1/2"
Price: $1,230.00
Waterous Company Item #: WAT FT-150-CF -

This foam inductor is for use on the discharge side of the pump. The design of this low cost unit eliminates the need to either add foam concentrate to the water tank or to run foam mixture through the pump. It can be inserted in the plumbing between the pump outlet and the live reel or other discharge points on the fire engine, or can be inserted in a hose lay. The system is usable with a wide range of nozzles from 6 to 95 GPM. This proportioner maintains continuous foam flow under varying...

FoamPro 1600 Checkvalve
Price: $752.00
Hypro LLC/Foam Pro Item #: HPR 160015CV -

Checkvalve FVA 160015CV - body is cast from unleaded alloy with two 1/4" drilled and tapped holes. This valve features a non-spin acetal and stainless steel spring. Max pressure 400 psi.

CO-SON Industries Pump Foam Proportioner
Price: $483.00
Co-Son / Blizzard Wizard Item #: DGL 1015 -

Proven, Cost Effective Class A Foam-Making Systems for Urban and Wildland Firefighting Operations. CO-SON Industries variable round-the-pump Foam Proportioner is an effective, inexpensive low maintenance foam eductor which introduces foam on the suction side of most any fire pump. This foam metering (proportioner) device is to be plumbed between the discharge and suction side of the pump. Plumbing tees available.

Discharge Tee 1-1/2" NH for CO-SON Foam Proportioner
Price: $143.00
Co-Son / Blizzard Wizard Item #: MRP 73BW1011 -

Discharge Tee 1-1/2” NH for Co-Son Industries Pump Foam Proportioners

FoamPro 1600 Tank Sensor
Price: $141.00
Hypro LLC/Foam Pro Item #: HPR 1600LLTS -

Tank Sensor PUP 1600LLTS - low level tank switch indicates low level of foam concentrate.

Suction Tee 2" NPSH for CO-SON Foam Proportioner
Price: $94.00
Co-Son / Blizzard Wizard Item #: DGL 1010 -

Suction Tee 2” NPSH for Co-Son Industries Pump Foam Proportioners