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 Fol-Da-Tank Company patented the first folding tank in 1954 and introduced it to firefighters who immediately recognized its value and quality. Foldable tanks are the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural and forestry needs. The tanks come in 9 standard sizes with steel or aluminum frames available.

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Fol-Da-Tank Self-Supporting Forest Service Tank
Price: $2,408.00
Fol-Da-Tank Item #: FDT FST -

Applications: Fire Fighting, Helicopter Dip Tank, Water Relay, Water Storage, Mixing Tank (Fire retardant), Hazardous Waste Features: Special high sides, Easy one man set-up, Self-supporting - No frame work, Solid collar - No need to inflate, No foot pump necessary, No assembly, Heavy duty vinyl (PVC), 4 support rings, Easily repairable, All seams welded for longer life, Any number and size of hose connections can be added for bottom drafting, All self-supporting tanks are supplied with one...

Fol-Da-Tank Portable Tank Steel HPR Fol-Da-Tank, Water Tank, Wildland Fire Fighting, Tank, Water Supply,
Price: $2,155.00
Fol-Da-Tank Item #: FDT x-H22 -

FOL-DA-TANK is the practical answer when an extra water supply is needed, such as in rural areas, or where water pressure is low. FOL-DA-TANK also functions as back-up facilities for fire departments. Two men can unload FOL-DA-TANK from the truck and be set up in less than 30 seconds. While a pumper empties the FOL-DA-TANK a tanker can be bringing more water. With the fire out, these foldable tanks can be emptied quickly with the exclusive 10” dia. drain sleeve. 2500 gallon and larger come...

Fol-Da-Tank Portable Tank Replacement Liner HPR
Price: $1,237.00
Fol-Da-Tank Item #: FDT Lx-H22 -

Replacement Liner for Fol-Da-Tank. Available in 22oz. red or yellow HPR - more durable than the vinyl product commonly offered. HPR (High Performance Rubber) is a formulated fabric made specifically for Fol-Da-Tank Company.  HPR fabric has been tested in climates from the cold of Alaska to the extreme hot desert of the Middle East for over 5 years. Designed with UV, heat and puncture resistance along with abrasion and cold cracking (-60° F) qualities.  HPR is guaranteed with a...

Fol-da-tank Tank Repair Kit patch kit
Price: $159.00
Fol-Da-Tank Item #: FDT PKH -

For general repair of tanks. Kit includes: 1 pint of adhesive, 1 yard of 22 oz. HPR™ High Performance Rubber, 1 pair of scissors, 1 seam roller, 1 abrasive scrub pad, 2 alcohol prep pads.

Fol-da-tank MINI-DAM
Price: $99.00
Fol-Da-Tank Item #: FDT MD32324 -

For use along with forestry pumps and other hazardous containment. 32” x 32” x 4” 22oz. Vinyl