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Thermo-Gel Homeowner Protection Kit
Price: $573.00
Thermo Technologies Item #: THG TG200LHK -

Homeowner Kits are out-of-stock and will be backordered.---> Designed to revolutionize the way wildland fires are being fought. Thermo-Gel 200L is a water gelling agent that aids water in structure protection, fire suppression and retardation. Non-toxic and safe for use on trees and vegetation. Wildfires don’t just happen in some remote area. Urban interface areas, farms and homes are all within reach. Every year fires threaten or destroy homes like yours. Thousands of wildfires strike North...

Price: $198.00
Phos-Chek Item #: PHO 10001316 -

**Orders containing 2 or more pails of foam will ship by freight truck and will incur actual costs of shipping plus a $6 handling fee. We will inform you by email of the adjusted freight charges after your order is placed. If you would like to know the charges prior to placing your order, please call 1-800-423-8347. If the customer chooses to have orders containing 2 or more pails of foam shipped by way of UPS, they will incur actual costs + insurance charges + handling fee.USDA Forest Service...

Drench Firefighting Additive
Price: $27.00-$307.80
Denko Foam Item #: DEN DRENCH -

Cut Knockout Time In Half!Outperforms Class "A" Foam 2 to 1 For One-Third The Cost. What is Drench?Drench is a liquid additive designed to dramatically reduce extinguishing time when fighting class "A" and "AB" fires. By combining the properties of several products used in fire fighting today, this is a super concentrate that increases penetration, reduces friction and cools like no other product in the past. Fire departments are cutting knock-out times in half and reducing water usage by as...

Drum and Foam Pail Wrench
Price: $13.65
Scotty Item #: SCT 4578-YF -

Designed to loosen and tighten the caps found on standard (70 mm wide) 5 gallon foam pails and both the large and small bungs on 55 gallon drums. Made from incredibly tough, glass-filled nylon in high visibility yellow and is spark and corrosion proof. 10" long and weighs 6.5 ounces. Included Wrench Mount uses single snap clip to secure wrench in place on a wall or in a cabinet, etc. Can be installed vertically, horizontally or at virtually any angle. ...

Scotty Coupler Spanner / Gas Wrench
Price: $10.20
Scotty Item #: SCT 4577-YF -

Used to tighten and loosen 1” (25 mm) to 3” (76 mm) hose coupler fittings.Made from tough Ny-Glass in a high visibility yellow color.Opens standard 70 mm caps on 5 gallon foam concentrate containers.Includes a municipal gas and Oxygen tank shut off.Spark and corrosion proof, with quick release snap hook.Weighs just 2-¾ oz (79 g) and is 7-½” (190 mm) long. The Scotty 4577 Fire Coupler Spanner and Gas Wrench is a durable, light weight wrench used to tighten and loosen 1" (25mm), 1-1/2" (38mm),...