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Adjustable Combo Nozzles

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Adjustable Combo Nozzles

Adjustable Polycarbonate Combo Nozzles

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Lexan Combo Nozzle 2-1/2" NST
Price: $99.75
United Fire Safety Company Item #: UFS 25NPF -

A combination fog nozzle moulded from polycarbonate with 2-1/2" attaching threads. Ideal for in-plant protection when large hose is in use and for small fire companies where price is a factor. 

Dual-Purpose Adjustable Suppression/Filling Nozzle
Price: $53.00
De Luna's Item #: DLE DPAN -

Suppress fire and rapid-refill bladder bags without even taking them off the back!This solid brass nozzle is designed to save time, reduce fatigue and secure the fireline, all with just one tool. Contains one O-ring and one gasket for easy maintenance. Great mop-up tool with fog pattern for water conservation and ability to adjust to a powerful straight stream for distance and penetration. The 5/8” quick connect tip can be inserted into a bladder bag for rapid refills without having to...

Scotty Fire Combo Nozzle 1" or 1.5"
Price: $21.75-$27.25
Scotty Item #: SCT 4038 -

Easily adjustable, durable, light weight and maintenance free combination nozzle. Manufactured from tough, corrosion free, glass reinforced polymers. Creates a perfect, wide, fine mist in fog mode and has excellent reach of stream - 80’ at 100 PSI in straight mode. Available in a high flow (50-100 GPM) and a low flow (15-50 GPM) model. Nozzle shuts off past straight stream. Can be used with foam or gel products. 1" option is 1.5" nozzle with reducer.

Polycarbonate Combination Nozzle 3/4", 1" or 1.5"
Price: $17.00-$19.00
United Fire Safety Company Item #: UFS 1xxPF -

Fog, straight stream and shut-off in one nozzle. An economical combination nozzle that features high strength, light weight and durability. Available in 1” or 1-1/2” NPSH or NH, or 3/4” GH threads. Each has a thick rubber protective bumper and are tough enough to take a real beating. Constructed of moulded polycarbonate. 3/4"     8 GPM 1"         22 GPM 1.5"      75 GPM ...