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SnapTank Portable Tanks

SnapTank is the space saving, easy to deploy portable tank. All the advantages of a rigid framed relay/dump tank with the mobility and compactness of a freestanding tank. No spill over, no rolling. Works on flat or uneven ground. Constructed of the finest aircraft quality aluminum componenets. SnapTank is light yet durable and can be fully functional in minutes. Five models offer capacities from 1000 to 3000 gallons, each plumbed with a standard 3" threaded flange with plug and each packaged in a compact field bag.

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SnapTank Portable Tank
Price: $2,649.00-$4,082.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS ST -

We stock various sizes of SnapTanks during fire season! Call for current inventory levels to verify your selected size is in stock. Realize all the advantages of a rigid-framed relay/dump tank with the mobility and compact packaging of an unsupported freestanding tank. No spillover, no rolling. Nothing in the industry offers more structural integrity on flat or uneven ground than the SnapTank. With its quality components and interchangeable parts, the SnapTank can add valuable capacity to...

SnapTank Replacement Liners
Price: $1,410.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STRL -

Replacement 22oz vinyl liners for SnapTanks.

SnapTank Replacement Leg
Price: $236.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STLEG -

Replacement vertical leg for CrewBoss SnapTank. One size fits all. Sold individually. Non-stock item - made to order.

SnapTank Replacement Field Bags
Price: $166.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STFB -

Replacement storage/carry bags for SnapTanks

SnapTank Ground Cover
Price: $165.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STGC -

Protect your SnapTank liner with an 18oz. vinyl ground cover.

SnapTank Vinyl Repair Tank
Price: $72.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STVRK -

Vinyl repair kit for CrewBoss SnapTank. Includes 8 oz. HH-66 Vinyl Cement with applicator brush and 10" x 16" yellow vinyl material. HH-66 creates super strong, waterproof, flexible bonds. Highly resistant to temperature and weather extremes and excellent for patching and sealing.

SnapTank Replacement Horizontal Bar
Price: $43.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STSB -

Replacement horizontal bar for SnapTank (sold individually). Non-stock item - made to order.

SnapTank Tear Aid Patch Kit - Minor Repair Kit
Price: $20.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS STTAP -

Minor repair kit (tear aid patch kit) for CrewBoss SnapTank. Includes (4) Type B (for vinyl only) TEAR-AID See-Through Patches and (6) Alcohol Prep Pads. Repair holes and tears with instant extreme bond.