Drench Firefighting Additive

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Cut Knockout Time In Half!
Outperforms Class "A" Foam 2 to 1 For One-Third The Cost.

What is Drench?
Drench is a liquid additive designed to dramatically reduce extinguishing time when fighting class "A" and "AB" fires. By combining the properties of several products used in fire fighting today, this is a super concentrate that increases penetration, reduces friction and cools like no other product in the past. Fire departments are cutting knock-out times in half and reducing water usage by as much as two-thirds.

So Drench is a Wet Water?
Absolutely not. Drench is a blend of four distinctly different chemical technologies maximizing the performance of several elements of the water. Penetration is increased up 400%, friction loss is reduced by as much as 45% and vaporization takes place twice as fast.

Where is Drench used?
Drench can be used to safely and quickly extinguish any combustible that would normally be treated with water. This includes wood structures, bedding, trash compactors, hay, brush, forest, automobiles and tires.

How is Drench used?
Drench has been designed with simplicity in mind. This product needs only to be poured directly into the water supply at a rate of one quart to five hundred gallons of water. In other words, just pour one bottle of this concentrate into a five hundred gallon booster tank and you're ready to go. Dispersion is immediate and no special equipment is required. If preferred, the product can be diluted with five gallons of water and then picked up with an eductor at a one per cent flow. Add an ounce to a pressurized water extinguisher, Hudson sprayer or Indian tank for incomparable performance. 

What is the shelf life of Drench? 
Drench concentrate has an indefinite shelf life. If frozen, just thaw and gently agitate. Batch mixed in your tank, the solution is good up to 2 years.

Why use Drench? Water is much cheaper.
Drench will literally cut knockout time in half. This means that man hours are cut in half, wear and tear on equipment is cut in half, water damage is cut in half and rekindles are virtually non-existent. Studies have proven that by using this product consistently on all class "A" and "AB" situations there is a budget savings at the end of the year. Therefore, Drench is actually cheaper to use than water.

Will Drench harm equipment?
Because Drench is so highly concentrated just a very small amount of chemical is ever introduced to a system. As a result, Drench will not cause corrosion in tanks or lines or gum up valves. Furthermore, the treated water can be safely left in the apparatus for extended periods of time. In addition, the same treated water can be used with high expansion foam or AFFF. This is a tremendous help to fire fighting agencies that have just one or two pieces of equipment. Drench is also non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Can Drench be used instead of Class "A" Foam?
Yes. As a matter of fact, Drench will out perform most Class "A" foams in regards to knockout times, water consumption and dissipation of heat. In addition, Drench is less than one-fifth the cost in use and doesn't require the purchase of special hardware.

Compare Class A Foam To Drench

Class A Foam

Cuts knockout times 20% 50%
Avg. cost 500 gals. finished product $65.00 $19.95
Used with foam eqt. Yes Yes
Used in tanks, backpacks, extinguishers No Yes
Slippery - fire fighters can fall Yes No
Can cover evidence of arson Yes No
Exposure protection Yes Yes
Pre-measured for accuracy and ease No Yes

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