Product Spotlight: Thermo-Gel® Homeowner Protection Kit

In 2016 alone, homeowners reported 1,342,000 fires and $10.6 billion of property damage in the United States. Firefighters can't always arrive on the scene before disaster strikes, so it's crucial that residents have the tools they need to protect their homes from the flames — especially if you live in an area that’s frequently affected by wildfires.

Thermo-Gel® is one of the most innovative products released for home fire protection in recent years. As a water gelling agent that enhances the performance of water in fire suppression, Thermo-Gel® not only protects homes and land, but may even stop wildfires from spreading. Approved by the US Forest Service, this non-toxic product can cover up to 2,000 square feet per 100 liters.

Read on to learn how Thermo-Gel® works, and why this product could make all the difference when wildfire threatens your home.

How Thermo-Gel® Protection Works

Thermo-Gel® is a patented concentrate substance made from 98% water. When added to water, the mixture instantly transforms into a heat-absorbing gel of billions of tiny sponges to ensure a cooling effect. After carefully applying the gel with a hose, this cooling effect can protect a structure from charing, burning, and rekindling for several hours — or for as long as the gel layer remains.

Firefighters frequently use Thermo-Gel® kits because they control fires quickly, and allow for time and water savings of up to 50%.

It’s important to note that while Thermo-Gel® can be used to prevent the spread of Class A fires, exceptionally high temperatures and strong winds can decrease its protection time.

Benefits of the Thermo-Gel® Protection Kit

A wildfire can happen anywhere with vegetation, from farmlands to urban areas. With nothing more than a garden hose, water, and the Thermo-Gel® agent, you can quickly and easily coat your property and keep your possessions safe. The super-absorbent gel can adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces, and can be safely and effectively used on wood, glass, paint, and concrete. This makes it ideal for property structures such as siding, windows, and fuel tanks.

Homeowners living in areas especially prone to wildfires can also ensure they have an additional layer of protection. Thermo-Gel® can be used to create a firebreak to block the spread of flames across vegetation. All you need to do is spray the gel on the vegetation, making sure that all the combustibles are well covered. Because the gel has such a high water content, it isn't harmful to city water supplies, plant life, or surface water — so you don’t risk harming your environment by using it.

Getting Your Thermo-Gel® Home Protection Kit

Here at National Fire Fighter, you can get the ultimate Thermo-Gel® Homeowner Protection Kit, which includes 200L of absorbent water gelling agent, capable of protecting up to 4,000 feet. Each kit comes with an applicator, an instruction guide, and 4 single gallon containers.

Whether you live outside local fire department boundaries, your home is surrounded by vegetation, or you simply want to be prepared for a fire on your property, Thermo-Gel® is an incredible addition to your home protection plan.

Get your Thermo-Gel® Homeowner Protection Kit today so that in the event of a wildfire, you can protect the things that matter most to you.

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