Living in the Wildland: How to Protect Your Home from Fire [Infographic]

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A home in a wildland area allows you to live hand-in-hand with the natural landscape. But that also means your home is more susceptible to the danger of wildfires. Every year thousands of homes are destroyed by wildland fires. Here are some actionable guidelines for keeping your home and your land wildfire-free.

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Your Home

  • Keep the roof and gutters clear of debris
  • Keep areas under decks and porches clear of belongings
  • Cover vents and soffits with metal wire mesh (1/8” or less)
  • Repair or replace loose or missing roof shingles or tiles
  • Use fire resistant siding materials

Within 30 Feet of Your Home

  • Mow and water your lawn regularly
  • Remove dead vegetation
  • Select fire-resistant patio furniture and play sets
  • Place firewood & other fuels at least 15 feet away from the home
  • Choose oil, wax, and resin-free plants with a high moisture content

30-100 Feet from Your Home

  • Prune tree branches 6-10 feet off the ground
  • Select deciduous and coniferous trees
  • Plant trees with 20 feet in between (30 for clusters of 2-3)
  • Create breaks in plant life with driveways, walkways, and lawns

100-200 Feet from Your Home

  • Remove dense and woody debris
  • Remove small trees growing between large trees
  • Canopies of tall trees should not touch—remove trees if necessary

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