Fire Prevention Month 2016 - Free Fire Extinguisher Training

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October is Fire Prevention Month. As a service to the Eugene/Springfield community, National Fire Fighter Corp. will be providing free fire extinguisher training on two days. The trainings will be held at 1574 W 6th Ave in Eugene on Thursday 10/27 and Friday 10/28 from 11am-2pm. Free lunch will be provided each day. In addition to the free hands-on training, discounts on fire suppression products will be offered, for both office and home.

The first line of defense against a small fire is a portable fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are a simple, effective and inexpensive way to protect property from widespread fire damage and it is important to know how to use one before an emergency arises. The hands-on training provided by National Fire Fighter Corp. is exciting and informative! The confidence gained by using an extinguisher on a real fire is invaluable. Knowing when to use an extinguisher is just as important as knowing when not to use one. This training will instill the confidence to make that important decision when it matters most.

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