J.R. Fire Tools Scalper 48

Price: $161.15
Handle Length:


Chopping / Scraping /Raking tool
Weight 5.1 lbs.
True 10 ¼” ground-to-blade contact (11 ¼” overall width), compared to a 9″ ground-to-blade contact on a traditional Mcleod
11 ¼” tall with 5” of digging depth
Outperforms a traditional McLeod in soft to moderately hard soils
Curved head sinks into ground
48” Straight stout ash handle fits seamlessly with our 2nd generation Round Universal Neck for added strength and durability
Proprietary steel formulation that holds an edge longer and resists chipping
3 sharpened sides
Patent filed
4 long tines with indents, helping to move large debris piles
Grade 8 nuts, bolts and lock washers
Replaceable head, neck and handle
Scalper 48 is like a combination of the McLeod 48 and the Thingamajig. Great for covering all aspects of line construction.
The Scalper’s wide head makes it excellent for moving large amounts of material with every swipe. Use the side to chop small stobs and plants.

This wildland firefighting hand tool is also great for trail building and landscaping.

J.R. Fire Tools are wildland firefighting hand tools with patents filed that meet U.S.F.S., Cal-Fire and B.L.M. specifications. These fire tools were custom designed by a professional wildland Fire Captain with over 20 years of field experience, to provide unique and specific functions that no other wildland hand tools offer. They have large heads with 3 sharpened sides, high quality custom handles, strong universal necks, and interchangeable heads. The heads are created by a proprietary formulation, which allows the heads to hold a sharpened edge longer than other tools, reducing down time. This exclusive formulation also resists chipping and breaking, making these tools stronger and last longer than others. In addition, the J.R. Fire Tools Universal Neck was specifically designed to allow for all parts of the tools (head, neck and handles) to be fully replaceable and interchangeable. All of these features are the exclusive design of J.R. Fire Tools. All of our forest fire tools come with grade 8 nuts, bolts and lock washers. These wildland fire tools are also awesome for trail building and landscaping. "Cut Line in Less Time" with J.R. Fire Tools!

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