FireIce 3.125oz. Bottles, 24 Per Case

  • FireIce 3.125oz. Bottles, 24 Per Case - FIC 3OZ-24
  • FireIce 3.125oz. Bottles, 24 Per Case - FIC 3OZ-24
Price: $456.00

FireIce has the power to stop cold.

Water Can Tame Fire. FireIce Kills It: Quickly, Efficiently, Permanently

FireIce is the latest in cutting edge fire suppression technology. FireIce is a dry powder that when added to water produces a firefighting water enhancing gel, stopping fire in its tracks. FireIce is an extremely versatile tool and can be used as a direct fire suppressant or a medium term retardant. FireIce is safe for firefighting equipment, inert, environmentally friendly, and is easy to use. FireIce does not require expensive chemicals for wash down or clean up, simply rinse with water. FireIce is a powerful weapon against fire. Firefighters can use FireIce in a myriad of ways to combat fire: as a direct fire suppressant for structural, wild land and motor vehicle fires or as a medium term retardant for structure protection. It can also be used to create fire breaks in front of advancing fires. The effectiveness, ease and versatility of FireIce is making fire suppression safer and easier than ever, providing you with a cost effective solution to fight fires that saves lives and property.

Pre-measured to mix into your backpack pump. Fits in your pocket. Quick and easy to use.

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