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Bar-Way Tool Sets with Aluminum Clamp

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Booster Hose Installation Kit – Sets include aluminum clamp, key, wrench and half pint bar lube. Available for ¾”, 1” or 1-1/4” couplings (for 1-1/2" hose).

Instructions for attaching bar-way booster couplings:

Male End
1. Remove expander from shell.
2. Skive/chamfer the inside diameter of the hose end to ease the insertion of the expander into the hose. Hose end should be cut square.
3. Push hose into shell until hose bottoms in shell. It should be difficult to push the hose into the shell. To help inserting the hose into the shell, it may be necessary to lightly chamfer the outside diameter of the end of the hose.
4. Mark hose at end of shell with pencil or chalk prior to screwing expander into hose. (mark is used to determine if hose is pushed out during installation.).
5. Place clamps around shell and hose and place clamped assembly in vise. Pins in clamp should go into holes in shell.
6. Position clamped assembly in vise jaws such that pressure will be applied to tail of clamp for maximum grip on hose while clamp pins remain in shell holes. Tighten vise.
7. Place expander on key so that key engages grooves in expander and protrudes through expander. Tapered end of key acts as lead for expander and facilitates entrance of expander in hose.
8. Lubricate interior of hose and exterior of expander liberally with bar-lube.
9. Screw expander into shell and hose until expander bottoms. Once begun, this action should not be interrupted. See note below.

Female End
10. Follow instructions for applying male end except that expander and key must be placed through swivel nut before being inserted into shell and hose. It may be necessary to remove swivel gasket.
11. Screw expander in until it bottoms. Verify that swivel rotates. If not, back out as required. Once begun, this action should not be interrupted. See note below.
12. After removing key, replace swivel gasket if removed in step 10.
Note: in steps 9 and 11, do not permit key to push up.
Do not permit hose to rotate or push out while screwing expander in. Check often during installation. If hose rotates or moves, start over after cutting off damaged end.

Bar–lube is the word for it.
A special oil that makes a “right tight fit”, so that bar-way holding power is correct. Oil is inert; rubber is unaffected. Apply sparingly to both expander and hose. – you’ll find the job is easier; bar-lube makes it easy to do the job right.

Note for 98-W coupling only
Skive hose back from end 1”, down to the wire. Be sure hose is cut square. Cut around diameter of hose to wire, cut from circular cut to end of hose, along hose in a straight line or on an angle, then use a pair of pliers to peel rubber off the wire.

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