SJ600 Fire Hose

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Our All Polyester Industrial Fire Hose. SJ600 is one of our most popular choices for many industrial hoses. Its proven durability comes from the quality high strength polyester that is used to weave its abrasion resistant jacket. SJ600 is very economical and can be used for a variety of applications. It is a superior fire reel and hose house fire hose. Whatever application that you encounter, SJ600 will most likely work for you. Its mildew resistant jacket helps ensure longevity for years of service. With our large inventory we can almost always guarantee to ship or deliver the same day. The yellow color jacket has additional abrasion resistance that ensures a long lasting life.

*Special order items will have an asterisk before the configuration description (4X Large, Tall, etc.). Special order items are non-stocking, will be back-ordered and are non-returnable/refundable. Please ensure that the sizing/configurations are correct prior to ordering these items.