Utility Hand Primer for Pumps

SKU: SMF 33799
Price: $150.00

The world’s most versatile pump. Self-priming hand pump kit comes standard on the NFF pumps. All brass, plastic and neoprene. Not affected by salt water, oil or sludge. Contains adapters, tubes and hoses. Engine crankcase pumpout through the dipstick tube, diesel fuel transfer, or bilge pump. Can be used as air pump. Easy to clean - take apart and reassemble without tools. Weighs 2 lbs.

Parts include:
- One-piece neoprene cap with up-angled spout
- Heavy seamless brass cylinder; rolled ends
- Neoprene foot strainer with integrated valve
- Molded handle
- Brass shaft with integral plunger retainer
- Full-floating, friction-free neoprene plunger, the most efficient plunger in any pump

Kit contains:
- 5/16" x 40" semi-rigid draw tube for draining marine crankcase
- 1/4" x 40" semi-rigid draw tube. Fits into dipstick hole of conversion engines
- Two 1/2” x 3’ neoprene hoses. Slip onto intake or discharge spout or can be coupled together to reach into bottom of large tanks
- Adapter boot for attaching hose to intake
- Neoprene reducer for attaching draw tubes

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