Swift First Aid Kit - 24 Unit

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Our First Aid Kits meet federal and state OSHA standards. Heavy duty steel case and weatherproof gasket make these kits perfect for the workplace or recreational activities. Each kit is packaged by unit, clearly labeled, and color-coded with instructions. Meets federal and state OSHA requirements. Includes:

1" x 3" Plastic Bands, 16/bx: 4
Tape 1/2" x 2 1/2 Yd, 2/bx: 1
Ammonia Inhalants, 10/bx: 2
PVP Iodine Wipes, 10/bx: 2
Nox A Sting Swab 1/2 cc, 10/bx: 1
Band Compress Off Center 2", 4/bx: 2
Band Compress Off Center 4", 1/bx: 1
Gauze Bandage 4" X 6 Yd., 1/bx: 1
Gauze Compress 24"X72", 1/bx: 1
Triangular Bandage 40' x 40" x 56", 1/bx: 2
Cold Pack, 1/bx: 1
Burn Spray 1/2 oz, 2/bx: 1
Burn Gel Foil Packs 1/8 oz, 6/bx: 1
Eye Wash 1/2 oz with 2 Eye Pads: 1
Triple-Biotic Foil Packe 1/32 oz, 10/bx: 1
Wide Splint 1/bx

Width in. 9 1/16
Height in. 9 1/16
Depth in. 2 3/8

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