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Goodyear Hose

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Live Reel Hose booster, booster hose
Price: $329.40-$1,025.75
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Item #: PAC BH300/BH200 -

Live Reel Hose from Goodyear Horizon. Our Top Selling Hard Line Hose. Manufactured by Goodyear, this strong and flexible live reel hose has a Versigard synthetic rubber tube and cover with synthetic thread reinforcement. This combination enables our live reel hose to handle maximum working pressures of 300 PSI for 3/4" and 1" and 200 PSI for 1-1/2", and at a temperature range of -20°F to 190°F. Weighs 17 lbs. per 50' uncoupled 3/4", 26 lbs. per 50' uncoupled 1" and 37 lbs. per 50' uncoupled...