Skid Unit Recent Deliveries - Pacific Oasis 2018

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National Fire Fighter Corp. offers an extensive range of skid units to anchor your firefighting arsenal. Mobile attack skid units give you everything you need to keep the flames under control in a compact, easily adjustable setup that can be mounted to nearly any vehicle or UTV.

Each unit is built and engineered with robust materials to ensure reliable operation when you’re in the field. Our units require minimal maintenance, include a high-pressure, low-volume pump to conserve water, and are constructed with the highest quality components to ensure you’re ready when things get heated. We build top mounts, end mounts, hybrid mounts and ATV/UTV units to fit within your footprint.


“We had National Fire Fighter build our first engine because we thought they looked nice and the price was right. We have had the rest of the fleet built by National because of the care, service, and hard work of the folks there. They have fixed our engines in very tight windows to make sure we could keep them on the line. Their support is unmatched. There is no doubt that the engines built by National are the best looking in the camp, but the staff make sure they are the best working engines on the line. National is simply the best in the business. They’ve been integral in the growth and success of our wildfire fighting business.”
Benjamin Dodds
Pacific Oasis
Ashland, Oregon

Model: 390 Gallon End Mount

Pump: NFF4 High-Pressure Four-Stage Pump

Motor: 23HP Briggs & Stratton

Foam: Chemonics 1.5" Adjustable Inductor

Reel: Hannay Super Booster 1/2 HP Electric Rewind

Hose Roller Guides: Low Mount

Electric Waterpuppy Utility Pump

Hose: 200’ 1” Mercedes Boostlite

1" NPSH Polycarbonate Combo Nozzle

RV Plugs

Standard Control Panel:
PSI Gauge
Primer Valve
50 Amp Reel Circuit Breaker
Low Pressure Cut-off Switch
Foam Controls
Electric Primer Button/Control


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