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New Generation Fire Shelter Replacement Case fire shelter
Price: $100.00
Availability: In Stock

Blue replacement carrying case for New Generation Fire Shelter, regular size. Opening flap closes with Velcro. Includes vertical and horizontal hangers. Forest Service Spec 5100-609. NFES #0927

Fire Shelter with Case, New Generation Fire Shelter fire shelter, fire fighter gear
Price: $649.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: FFG FS200 -

In an emergency situation, the fire shelter could save a life. The 2003 shelter meets Forest Service specs. Changes from the 2002 shelter include the addition of a shelter floor and quick-grab handles for faster deployment. Each shelter set includes fire shelter, nylon duck carrying case and carrying case plastic liner. Fire Shelter (Regular), Complete: NFES #0925 NSN: 4240-01-498-3194 Deployed Size 86”L x 15.5”H x 31”WPacked Size 8.5”H x 5.5”L x 4”WWeight 4.6lbs. New-generation fire shelter...

Fire Shelter Hard Plastic Case fire shelter liner, fire shelter case
Price: $48.00
Availability: In Stock

Replacement hard plastic liner for regular or large New Generation Fire Shelter.

Training/Practice Fire Shelter
Price: $319.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: FFG FS2002T -

Training/Practice Fire Shelters, Complete in Regular and Large Size. NFES #2678Regular-size, complete, NSN: 6930–01–499–0605Large, complete, NSN: 6930–01–529–8807 NOTE: This item is not fire-resistant and should not be used as a fire shelter. Reusable practice fire shelter system for training in use of M-2002 fire shelter. Includes the carrying case, case liner, polyvinyl bag and practice shelter. Forest Service Spec 5100-611. This item no longer comes with the instructional DVD. Click the...