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Ambry Equipment

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MVP Hose Pack
Price: $119.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: AMB MVPB12345 -

Invented and patented by a firefighter and field tested by firefighters. Designed to be safe, ergonomic, multi-functional, comfortable, and easy to use. Firefighters do not have to take their gloves off to deploy hose. “Release and attack” design allows firefighters to engage the hose pack with one hand, and unroll hose with the other hand in one motion. “Deploy and charge” design allows firefighters to fight fire faster because it allows them to grab the second hose with ease. Grab the hose...

BurnGo Fusee Bag
Price: $41.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: AMB BNB714B -

Holds up to 40 fusees for fire engines, crew carriers, sup rigs, chief rigs, and any other rig that carries large numbers of fusees. Designed to take out on burn operations. Extra large hand grip to hold the bag while actively burning. Long carrying strap on the top can be used to go over a shoulder or to tighten down on for a long walk out in the forest, freeing up firefighter's hands to perform other work or carry other tools. Adjustable side strap tightens down the fusees when there are...