Coyote Camp Day Ration/24 Hour Food Pack - 4ct Case

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The Day Ration is a 24 Hour Food Pack containing food and sustenance for 1 person for 24 hours. Each food pack has breakfast, lunch, and dinner stored in one conveniently accessed and re-sealable 6 mm pouch. All components used in the Day Rations require zero preparation. Each pack contains approximately 3200 calories and weighs 2.9 pounds.

The Day Ration/24 Hour Food pack simplifies food and meal distribution at the Logistics level, meaning that the Logistics coordinator of any team or operation need only engage in a once per day meal distribution plan. The Day Ration also works well for the individual team member, who will have enough food and caloric sustenance easily carried in their pack or on their apparatus in one convenient pouch for a full 24 hours. Additionally, the Day Ration is extremely well-suited for distribution to civilian populations during larger catastrophic and/or evacuation events where simplified food distribution logistics is desirable.

We invite you to look at the Day Ration/24 Hour Food Pack as another valuable tool to help you meet your field nutrition requirements, your crews’ field nutrition requirements, and/or any civilian persons in your care.

Day Ration Configuration: Pouched configuration (10×14). Boxed configuration (12x9x2).
Day Ration Meal Weight: 2.9 pounds.
Day Ration Caloric Value: 3200-3300 calories.
Day Ration Case Configuration: 4 Day Rations/Case.
Cost per Individual Meal: $29.74

Dinner Entrees’s, Rotating Variety
Beef Stew
Chicken Vienna Sausage
Chili w/ Beans Chili w/o Beans
Chicken Chili
Beans and Franks
Chili Mac
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce

CinnaBun or Blueberry Turnover
Fruit Squeezer x2
Meat Snack
Coffee, Tea, Creamer & Sugar
Breakfast Biscuit

Pocket Sandwich – rotating variety of: BBQ Beef, Bacon Cheddar, Italian, Swt & Sour Chicken

Trail Mix/Nut Mix
Potted Meat
Electrolyte Replacement

Dinner Entree Pouch – Rotating variety of: Beef and Chicken Entree options

Energy/Protein Bar
Meat Sticks x2
Candy – Lifesavers or Mento’s
Chewing Gum
Sweetened Beverage Powder, Asst’d Flavors
Kleenex Tissue (Pocket size)
Flatware w/condiments
Flamesless Ration Heater

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