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Bullseye Power Nozzle bullseye, bulls-eye, bulls eye, bullseye nozzle, bulls-eye nozzle, bulls eye nozzle
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Item #: HCR 810-B -

3/4" GHT (garden hose thread)Nozzle Manufactured & Assembled in the USASolid Brass & Stainless Steel ComponentsRevolutionary 'leakproof' closurePin-point accuracy even under low water pressure50% MORE Water Pressure than 'ANY' 3/4" GHT nozzle in the WORLDPOWER, PRESSURE, AND REACHThe Bulls-Eye Nozzle’s innovative closure system CONSTRICTS WATER FLOW to create a powerful, solid stream of water. This constricted stream USES LESS WATER and CREATES MORE POWER than any other garden hose nozzle....