Coyote Camp Standard Meals

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Non-self-heating meals with pop-top tin or microwavable entrees. Great for warm and hot weather operations where piping hot meals may not be desirable.

Each Standard Case contains 12 meals
Each Spike Case contains 4 meals

Each Standard Meal contains:
One entree of a rotating variety (beef, poultry, pork or vegetarian)
Fruit Squeezer and fruit juice
Energy component
Granola bar or Cracker Pack
Cookie Pack
Electrolyte replacement
1100-1300 calories

Case A
(5 beef, 3 chicken or turkey, 2 veggie, 2 ham)
Case B (7 beef, 3 chicken or turkey, 2 ham)
Case V (6 veggie #1, 6 veggie #2)

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