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Misc. Tools & Brackets

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Backfire Fusee Torches 72pk
Price: $281.40
Orion Safety Products Item #: ORI FUSEE -

Orion backfire torches burn for 10 minutes, extended handle keeps flare cool, wax-coated for weather resistance. Paper bonnet. 4” handle. MSDS Sheet available. Compliant with GSA Specifications for Back Fire Torches. Non Perchlorate formula. UPS Ground shipping only. 15.25" x 13.38" x 5.78" 72 per Case **Price includes a mandatory UPS $33.00 HAZMAT freight charge per box of fusees. ...

Council FSS Style Fire Swatter fire swatter, fire mop up, fire equipment
Price: $79.00
Council Tool Item #: CNT FS15FSS -

A valuable tool when trying to suppress grass and grain fires, range fires, or for mop up work following water equipment. Constructed of heavy rubber made from treated belting, the fire flap features a large 15” flap, with a 60” handle. Overall length is 75”. Weight is 5.5 lbs. Sometimes referred to as a fire flap, flail or beater, this tool is used to smother fire. Typically it is used to control or direct flames during controlled burns or in conjunction with mop-up details...

USFS Style Shovel-Pulaski Top Mount Bracket Set
Price: $59.00
Kennedy Metal Works Item #: KEN TBUSFS -

Multi-tool bracket designed for mounting on vehicles. Now fire shovels and pulaskis can be mounted securely on your rig. Heavy duty steel and powder coated for durability. 4" raised style. Lock nut prevents loss of handle. Manufactured in the USA. Requires 4 screws per set to attach brackets (not included).  ...

Shovel and Axe Bracket Set
Price: $43.00
Kennedy Metal Works Item #: KEN MBPA -

Conveniently stores axe and shovel on a truck, fire tool box, or wall.*Actual bracket will be red in color

TopSaw Tool - 12 Tools in 1 topsaw, topsaw tool
Price: $24.95
Topsaw Item #: TST TSPWP -

Our Newest Version of the TopSaw Tool, now 12 tools in 1. New improved sheath. Contains 19mm x 10mm socket (reversible), 21mm x 16mm socket (reversible), 13mm socket, T27 torx, T25 torx, 4mm hex ball drive, large screw driver, small screw driver, bar groove clean out tool and when folded it can be used as a file handle.  ...

Orion Flare / Fusee Storage Bag
Price: $22.95
Orion Safety Products Item #: ORI 7820 -

Denier nylon flare storage bag with PVC insert and reflective trim. Holds up to 18 flares each with a burn time up to 20 minutes. Flares not included. 6.25” x 14.25”. Weighs 1.73 lbs.

Council Tool Pocket Sharpening Stone tool sharpening, sharpening stone
Price: $11.95
Council Tool Item #: CNT 80-HD -

3" x 1" x 1/4" Pocket Stone in a leather pouch. Stone is Hard Arkansas for a keen polished edge.

Chums Vortex Utility Wrench
Price: $6.95
Chums Item #: CHU 90216152 -

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 3 OR FEWER REMAINING The Vortex Utility Wrench is a durable steel carabiner-keychain-wrench combination tool. The large 3/4" gate doubles as a bottle opener. The wrench features hex-bit, SAE, and metric wrench openings. It also works on wing nuts, square nuts, and wire nuts. Split ring included for keys. Silver. ...

McLeod Tool Sheath mcleod sheath, fire tool sheath
Price: $2.95
Council Tool Item #: CNT MFT-SH -

Orange economy sheath for McLeod fire tools.