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Silva Ranger CL Sighting Compass
Price: $49.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2800515 -

6 OR LESS AVAILABLE AT SALE PRICE - SALE PRICES APPLY WHILE SUPPLIES LASTPinnacle of Precision The Silva Ranger® CL compass delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions. The large mirror enhances accuracy when sighting on distant landmarks. Three scales provide quick, easy plotting with any topographic map. Romer scales can be used to create grid references for use with ordinance maps. Silicone feet provide positive grip on a map. The geared declination allows you to set...

Silva Explorer Pro
Price: $32.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2801336 -

Exploration Ready The Explorer Pro combines the features of the Explorer 203 with the added benefits of a geared declination scale and clinometer. Ergonomically designed base plate comfortably fits hand while 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 direct reading scales ensure accurate mapping and plotting. The extended base plate has inch and 1/10-mile direct reading scales that meet U.S.G.S. standards. Features ·         2° dial graduations ·  ...

Silva Trekker 420 Hi-Viz Compass
Price: $29.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2801087 -

Trail Buddy Perfect for backpacking, angling, camping and hiking, the Silva Trekker 420 has a sighting mirror for quick accurate bearings and a clear baseplate for map work.  Rotating capsule with sure-grip dial, red orienting arrow and declination scale on the Silva Trekker. The compass you'll need to find your way. Features ·         2° graduations ·         4 position...

Silva Guide 426 Compass
Price: $23.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2801149 -

Unsinkable Guide The Silva Guide 426 is a compact sighting compass that's great for any outdoor activity. The lightweight polypropylene baseplate floats, a great feature for any water or near-water adventure!  The compact size slips easily in a shirt pocket, readily available for all excursions. Features ·         2° graduations ·         Full-size sighting mirror with V-sight...

Silva Explorer 203 Weather Instruments, Suunto, wind meter, weather meter
Price: $18.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2801030 -

Ergonomic ExplorerThe Silva Explorer was designed for those who want to get off the beaten path.  Contoured base plate comfortably fits the hand.  The extended base plate has an inch ruler and 1/10 mile scales for USGS 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 maps - ensuring accurate mapping and plotting.Features 2° dial graduations Built-in magnifier for map details Declination scale 1/10 mile scales for USGS 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 maps Inch ruler Lanyard ...

Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass
Price: $13.95
Silva Item #: JHN 2801290 -

A simple, quality compass with clear base and 5 degree dial graduations.

Silva Survival Tool/Compass
Price: $10.50
Silva Item #: JHN 2801185 -

A handy survival tool combining a compass, thermometer, magnifying glass and loud safety whistle. Lightweight and it floats.