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New products National Fire Fighter Corp. has added to inventory in the past 6-12 months.

We welcome product recommendations from wildland firefighters. If you have a great idea or can't find something you need, please let us know.

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Komodo K-100 Perimeter Shield - 50 lbs
Price: $1,100.00
Komodo Fire Systems Item #: KFS 100KPS50 -

Proprietary powder designed for dilution in water and applied as a passive fire retardant to the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes, farms, ranches, and other landscaped areas with fuel growth with nearly no impact to the environment. K-100 can be applied at the beginning of the fire season and will remain in place unless exposed to prolonged rain or water exposure. When treated areas are exposed to fire or extreme heat, the vegetation or wood forms a carbon-char, which...

Komodo Dragon Fire Shield DIY Starter Kit
Price: $690.00
Komodo Fire Systems Item #: KFS 100DIY -

Proprietary powder designed for dilution in water and applied as a passive fire retardant to the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes, farms, ranches, and other landscaped areas with fuel growth with nearly no impact to the environment. K-100 can be applied at the beginning of the fire season and will remain in place unless exposed to prolonged rain or water exposure. When treated areas are exposed to fire or extreme heat, the vegetation or wood forms a carbon-char, which...

ColdTrailer MK. II HotSpot Finder
Price: $355.00
Cold Trailing Solutions Item #: CTS 71021006 -

The ColdTrailer is a conduction-based heat sensing probe that allows firefighters to cold trail while remaining upright. Unlike infrared devices that sense the surface temperature of the ash, the ColdTrailer reaches deep into the ash and finds the heat where it is. Designed by experienced firefighters and tested and validated by interagency hotshot crews, the ColdTrailer is the only alternative to conventional bare-handed cold trailing. Light weight collapsible pole fits comfortably in your...

Coaxsher Citadel Advance Wildland Fire Brush Pant
Price: $349.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA FC210 -

The Citadel Wildland Fire Pant offers the greatest all around protection. 7.2 oz. Advance material throughout for ultimate protection and durability. Breathable Xvent technology provides air flow allowing body heat to escape and fresh air to circulate. Seamless crotch design minimizes chafing. Articulated areas along with an aggressive cut provide excellent fit and mobility. Double reinforced in rear, knee, and instep areas with Advance 7.2 oz. material. Super tough black oxidized YKK® fly...

True North Phantom Fire Pack
Price: $345.95
True North Gear Item #: TNG PHT7210 -

Classified by UL to meet NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting Weighing in at 1 pound lighter than the leading competition, the Phantom sets out to be one of the leading, and one of the most light-weight wildland fire packs for hotshots. This pack is ergonomically designed to carry enough gear for shifts lasting a few days or more, while still retaining maximum comfort and reducing spinal load/heat stress.The Phantom features a brand new ergonomic...

CrewBoss CAL FIRE Jacket CrewBoss brush coat, response jacket, gen 2 jacket, gen ii jacket, brush coat, firefighter brush coat, fire fighter brush coat, firefighter protective coat
Price: $320.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS CFC0122 -

Made out of Tencate Style 469 and Style 362, the CAL FIRE Jacket utilizes an innovative two-fabric design to improve breathability on the body, while maximizing protection on the arms where it is needed most. This single layer garment features a bi-swing back for ease of motion, a patch chest pocket with hook and loop flap closure, an angled radio pocket with hook and loop flap closure and mic tab, and 2" reflective triple trim on the hem and forearms for added visibility. Features hook and...

CrewBoss CAL FIRE Pant NOMEX, brush pants, protective clothing, CrewBoss Brush pants, CrewBoss, wildland pants, nip75, wss nip75, nip6, wss nip6
Price: $320.00
CrewBoss Item #: WSS CFP0122 -

Based on the CrewBoss Interface Pant, this overpant utilizes Tencate Style 362 fabric to be protective but breathable. The knees on the CAL FIRE Pant are articulated for ease of mobility, while slash pass-through pockets and two large semi-bellow cargo pockets with spade-style flaps with hook and loop closure add to the pants functionality. 2" Triple Trim reflective double needle stitched 7" up from the pant cuffs provides added visbility. 3" double bar-tacked belt loops and 2" waistband with...

True North Fastback Fire Pack
Price: $235.95
True North Gear Item #: TNG FSB5210 -

Classified by UL to meet NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting The Fastback is the ultimate NFPA 1977 fire pack for carrying “just the essentials.” This makes it perfect for firefighters who are constructing fire lines, monitoring projects, reducing fuels, performing burnout operations, and more. Streamlined design maximizes heat stress reduction, offers comfortable fit, and durable dependability. The Fastback features a brand new...

Coaxsher LL Womens Wildland Vent Brush Pant - Tecasafe Plus
Price: $199.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA FC304 -

CURRENT LEAD TIME APPROXIMATELY 6 WEEKS Our customers spoke and Coaxsher has responded with new vented wildland fire pants for women, designed with Xvent Technology to keep your body cool and built to fit the contours of a woman’s body. For years, women had to wear fire pants that were designed specifically for men, making them a poor, uncomfortable fit. Recognizing the need for all firefighters to have gear that fits properly and allows for maximum cooling during the toughest assignments,...

Coaxsher Operator Wildland Fire Pack
Was: $269.95
SALE PRICE: $199.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA FS104 -

New Model Coming! Remaining inventory on sale while supplies last!Built for the fireline ground pounders, the Operator Wildland Fire Pack provides excellent comfort and load support for grueling shifts. Internal aluminum stay structure and high-quality materials provide a stout and sturdy foundation. Shoulder straps adjust both vertically and tilt angle for optimal custom torso fit. Closed cell foam structuring throughout with an ergonomic PALS hip-belt finishes off the pack framework....

Komodo K-100 Perimeter Shield - 5 lbs
Price: $185.00
Komodo Fire Systems Item #: KFS 100KPS5 -

Proprietary powder designed for dilution in water and applied as a passive fire retardant to the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes, farms, ranches, and other landscaped areas with fuel growth with nearly no impact to the environment. K-100 can be applied at the beginning of the fire season and will remain in place unless exposed to prolonged rain or water exposure. When treated areas are exposed to fire or extreme heat, the vegetation or wood forms a carbon-char, which...

Fedco Poly Backpack Pump
Price: $162.00
Indian Fire Pumps Item #: IND 190387 -

5 gallon, UV resistant, poly tank that will not rust. Features all brass constructed Fedco pump for years of dependable service. Heavy duty base absorbs shocks and protects tank. Ventilated cap, with watertight gasket, will not leak. Large 4" tank opening for easy filling. Comfortable, padded, shoulder straps include clip-on strap to secure pump and leave hands free. Combination nozzle allows operator to switch from straight stream to fan spray quickly, with no special...

Propper Wildland Overshirt - Sigma 4 Star
Price: $160.00
Propper Item #: PRP F5307 -

Keep flames at bay and be seen in high visibility yellow. UL certified to NFPA 1977 and 1975 and Cal Fire approved.7.0 oz Sigma 4 Star fabric, powered by Nomex® IIIA fiber 2x1 twill weave with Hand Builder FinishNomex® zipper front closure with internal storm flapExtended “stand up” collar with hook and loop closureInternal hanger loop sewn in to the center back collarArticulated, pleated elbowsHook and loop adjustable cuffs

Coaxsher Mojave Wildland Fire Pack
Price: $144.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA FS103 -

This pack is perfect for working in and out of vehicles! The FS-1 Mojave features a main pack harness, water reservoir case that holds up to a 3.0L water reservoir (sold separately), and a new generation fire shelter case with glove compartment. The FS-1 Mojave design allows you to add Coaxsher accessories and pack modules later, giving you the freedom to configure the pack to your exact needs. The fire shelter case attaches to the main pack harness with quick-release buckles, but also comes...

Coaxsher Vector Wildland Fire Shirt - Tecasafe Plus
Price: $114.95-$147.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA FC103 -

The Vector Wildland Fire Shirt is the result of a custom designed product for firefighters in the southern regions. They wanted an excellent quality and well-priced wildland fire shirt that would accommodate the extreme heat while keeping their wildland firefighters safe. Tecasafe® Plus 580 (5.8oz) material provides a lighter and cooler feel, similar to the old-gold wildland fire shirts. Simplified shirt features trimmed the cost while keeping the unmatched cut, fit, and workmanship our...

Propper Wildland Shirt - Tecasafe Plus
Price: $100.00
Propper Item #: PRP F5318T -

Tecasafe Plus provides inherent heat and flame resistance. No melt, no drip, no burn. Collar can be worn in two ways: as stand-up collar with hook and loop strap to protect your neck from the heat or tucked underneath the folded-down traditional-style collar using hook and loop at back of the neck. Bar-tack reinforcement in all stress areas.

Streamlight Twin-Task 3AA Headlamp
Price: $78.75
Streamlight Item #: STR 51061 -

Multi-use headlamp provides a spot beam or a flood light to cover a variety of tasks. Use the spot beam for distance lighting. When you have an up-close task, use the flood light for smooth, diffused light to fill your work area. Includes three “AA” alkaline batteries and adjustable elastic head strap.Two lighting modes to cover a variety of tasks: spot for a focused beam, flood for even area illuminationSpot for distance lighting:High: 300 lumens; 108m beam; runs 4.25 hoursMedium: 100...

Pelican 2785 Dual Beam Headlamp
Price: $78.00
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 2785 -

At long last, a high performance, long run time safety certified headlamp! The Class I, Division 1 / IECEx certified 2785 provides a Main, Downcast, Flashing, and combination LED modes. The focused Main LED provides a great distance beam while the Downcast LED projects a dispersed beam set at a 45 degree downward angle. This “Downcast” beam offers a number of benefits including safer illuminated pathways, reading capability, as well as convenient face to face applications. Options...

Coaxsher RCP-1 Pro Radio Chest Harness
Price: $59.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA RP202 -

Unparalleled in design and workmanship, the RCP-1 Pro Radio Chest Harness comes loaded with all the bells and whistles. Perfected over time from customers’ feedback to become the most comfortable and functional radio chest harness anyone can wear. Works great with or without a backpack. When wearing with a backpack, you can either use the supplied torso straps or purchase the Harness Converter Kit. The Harness Converter Kit allows you to attach the RCP-1 Pro to the shoulder straps of any...

Dual-Purpose Adjustable Suppression/Filling Nozzle
Price: $50.00
De Luna's Item #: DLE DPAN -

Suppress fire and rapid-refill bladder bags without even taking them off the back!This solid brass nozzle is designed to save time, reduce fatigue and secure the fireline, all with just one tool. Contains one O-ring and one gasket for easy maintenance. Great mop-up tool with fog pattern for water conservation and ability to adjust to a powerful straight stream for distance and penetration. The 5/8” quick connect tip can be inserted into a bladder bag for rapid refills without having to...

Pelican 2720 Gesture Activation LED Headlamp
Price: $48.50
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 2720 -

Gloved hands, wet hands or oily hands are not an issue when using the 2720 with Gesture Activation Control technology. Turn on the light with a wave of a hand. Additional features include: Low level red light that preserves night vision, for nighttime applications, and signaling red (S.O.S) beacon light. Optical 4x magnification allows for a wide or penetrating beam. Includes a variable light output from 100%-10%. 200 lumens and 3 hours run time in high mode. (3) AAA batteries (included). ...

Pelican 3410M Right Angle LED Photoluminescent Light
Price: $48.50
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 3410M -

The most versatile pro-grade flashlight in the world, with magnet clip. The 3410M (magnet version) is the ultimate compact work light. Molded from “glow in the dark” photoluminescent material, this light is easy to find even when it’s off. The 3410M is equipped with both a spot and flood LED for close-up as well as distance, so you can have wide area light in the immediate work area and still penetrate darkness hundreds of yards away. It can be activated to run one or both LEDs with 3 levels...

Coaxsher Fire Shelter Chest Harness
Price: $44.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA RP205 -

Perfect way to carry your fire shelter case for dozer operators and those working in and out of vehicles all day. Features PALS webbing, glove pocket, and attachment of fire shelter case to side of waist belt with MOLLE Straps. Can hold MOLLE or Alice clip accessories. Offers superior comfort for hip, back, and shoulders.

Pelican 2760 LED Headlamp
Price: $42.00
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 2760 -

It's the one headlamp that does it all. Tough, lightweight, super bright and loaded with multiple lighting features that include high (289 lumens, 1.5 hours run time), medium (156 lumens, 3.25 hours run time), low (97 lumens, 5.5 hours run time), flashing, downcast (42 lumens, 11 hours run time), and night vision red LED modes. With all these options you can light up distant trails or the map in your hands. Designed for fast and easy battery changing with a weather resistant casing (full-time...

Coaxsher MOLLE Chest Harness
Price: $41.95
Coaxsher Item #: COA RP204 -

Adapt your chest harness the way you want it. PALS face plate allows you to attach any MOLLE accessory item to this chest harness. Two zipper-close internal storage pockets for tablets, notepads, writing tools, etc.Large Wide-Mouth Main Pocket with Double Zipper Pull ClosureiPad mini with protective case fits into the large main pocketFold-Down Platform for Reading/WritingAttach Multiple MOLLE accessory itemsMod-u-Lox C-Clip holds Mini Mag Lite® (MML not included)Open Air Back Plate Cuts...

Pelican 3310PL LED Photoluminescent Flashlight
Price: $36.00
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 3310PL -

The compact and lightweight 3310PL LED emits a bright glow, making it highly visible in pitch-black environments. With a run time of 202 hours (low) and up to 378 lumens of uncompromising flashlight performance, the new 3310PL LED proves itself invaluable in emergency situations. Features high/low/flashing modes, push-button switch, (3) AA batteries (included), removable lanyard and removable clip. 6.14" long. Weighs 6.2 oz. with batteries. Photoluminescent lights emit a bright glow in the...

PrincetonTec Fuel 4 Industrial LED Headlamp
Price: $35.00
Princeton Tec Item #: PRI FUEL4IND -

When applied well, technology should be simple. Such is the case with the innovative Fuel Industrial headlamp – designed to meet the widest range of applications while remaining small, lightweight and robust. With all of the touch points of the product being considered, the Fuel’s smart design fulfills technology’s promise of actually making our lives easier. What could be better than a light that weighs only 78g with 70 lumens of brightness and 146 hours of burn time? A light that also has an...

Fire Maul Tools FireWrap Grip Kit
Price: $34.95
Fire Maul Tools Item #: FMT FWGK -

Ultra-durable, shock-absorbing, high-performance grip system with permanent fiber tape and custom lacing ring system. Easily wash off contaminants. Finally an easy to install, true grip system engineered for all firefighter hand tools. Wrap two tools with each kit.Includes everything you need to complete 20” of grip on axes and striking tools:10 Lacing Rings4oz Liquid Grip3" X 84" Fiber TapeNitrile GlovesPaint BrushVinyl Strip

QUICK FIST Rubber Tie Down Belt Kit
Price: $34.95
Quick Fist Item #: END 11075 -

Significantly Stronger, Wider & More Weather Resistant than Bungee Cord! Includes 2 belts, 4 mounting posts, 4 hooks, and 1 connector.=38"L x 1.5"W X .25"D belt that secures equipmentNot affected by hot or cold climatesUV resistantTwo belts (or more) can be "buttoned" together to almost double its length with the connector included in every package.Two ways to install (both are included): with hooks for existing mounting points or with bolt-on mounting postsFor use on work & emergency...

Pelican 1920 Compact Aluminum Flashlight
Price: $33.00
Pelican Products Item #: PEL 1920 -

The very compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with size and extreme performance in mind. Using (2) AAA batteries, this bright LED light creates a clean white beam. Long run times combined with high (224 lumens, 2.25 hours run time) and low (22 lumens, 8.75 hours run time) light output modes, make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light. Features off/on/momentary switch.

Stansport Cree LED Headlight with Rear Safety Light
Price: $16.95
Stansport Item #: STN 163-150 -

150 lumens Cree bulb shines brightly and rear safety light increases your visibility from behind. Battery pack emits red light as an added safety feature. High, medium, strobe, and zoom functions. Adjustable pull-zoom lens creates a spotlight or floodlight. Adjustable strap for perfect fit. Uses (3) AAA batteries (not included).

SAS Safety Raven Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Glove
Price: $13.95
Item #: GLO RAVEN -

Powder-free and latex-free exam-grade disposable nitrile gloves provide outstanding strength, wear and dexterity. Textured for excellent chemical resistance and great grip and comfortable for wear. 6 mil thickness. 100 gloves (50 pair) per box.

The Pack Shack Canteen Pouch
Price: $9.95
The Pack Shack Item #: PAK 0008 -

Features Velcro® flap closure. Large enough for a GSA one-quart wide mouth canteen or a 32 oz. round bottle.