Services by Building Type And Industry

Services by Building Type

Residential Services

  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Annual Inspection
    • 6 Year Maintenance
    • Hydro Test
    • Refill
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs

Commercial Services

  • Semi-annual inspection of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Install and upgrade of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguisher Service

Industrial Services

  • Fire Extinguisher Service-Monthly, Quarterly, Annual options
  • Semi-Annual Inspection of Fire Suppression System in paint booths, and on heavy machinery
  • Install and upgrade Fire Suppression Systems

Services by Industry


  • Supra brand Fire Department Lock Boxes for city of Eugene/Springfield
  • Specialty semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinets for new construction
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs

Healthcare Services

  • Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Fire Suppression Systems in kitchen