Coyote Camp Caveman Meals

Price: $55.50
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A remarkable new meal product that embraces the simplest food preparation techniques used for millennia to preserve foods in the cleanest and simplest way possible. All of the components are truly ready-to-eat, there’s no need to heat anything. These meals are lightweight, high quality and nutrient dense. Includes high quality beef jerky (assorted flavors: Old Fashioned, Teriyaki, Honey Glazed, Peppered and Hot), delicious meat sticks (assorted flavors), high quality dried fruit (assorted varieties), whole food energy bars, almond or peanut M&Ms or pistachios and electrolyte replacement. No need for napkins or flatware.

Each Caveman Meal contains: beef jerky pkg. (3.5 oz. rotating variety), beef snack (rotating variety), dried fruit pkg. (5 oz. rotating variety), energy bar, Almond or Peanut M&Ms or pistachios (rotating variety), electrolyte replacement (rotating variety). 1100 calories.

Each Caveman Case contains 10 meals
Each Caveman Spike Case contains 5 meals

Try a Caveman Meal with your next purchase. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, and we sincerely believe you’ll be delighted with Coyote Camp’s continuing commitment to new product innovation.

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