FireIce MDU Wand Combo (2 Buckets)

Price: $793.00

FireIce is the latest in cutting edge fire suppression technology. FireIce is a dry powder that when added to water produces a firefighting water enhancing gel, stopping fire in its tracks. FireIce is an extremely versatile tool and can be used as a direct fire suppressant or a medium term retardant. FireIce is safe for firefighting equipment, inert, environmentally friendly, and is easy to use. FireIce does not require expensive chemicals for wash down or clean up, simply rinse with water.

Protect your property during the threat of an approaching fire. That solution is FireIce Mobile Defense. Our patent pending FireIce MDU Wand was engineered with the consumer in mind, for ease of use and portability and it adapts to most standard pressure cleaners.

FireIce adheres to many different types of structures including Wood, Stucco, and Brick.

FireIce adds lasting protection to your shrubs, trees and surrounding landscape. FireIce is easy to clean up. No pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals are required to remove FireIce, just plain water!

Included with the FireIce MDU Wand are two buckets of FireIce.

Each bucket will provide 1,250 sq. ft of coverage.

Additional buckets of FireIce may be purchased as needed.

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