SAIT Brute Wheels for Metal Extrication

SKU: SAI 234xx
Price: $7.00
Wheel Attributes:


Type 1 shape for square, burr-free cutting. Externally reinforced with the highest quality fiberglass to withstand the toughest applications. Available in many arbor sizes to fit a wide variety of tools. Call 800-423-8347 for additional sizes.

Long life, extremely hard bond for cutting metals that present a very sharp edge to the wheel. For thin metals, sheet metal, decking and other ferrous metals. Available 
in quantities of 10.

Dia.      Width   Bore     Max RPM
12        1/8       1          6300    [SAI 23412]
12        1/8       20mm  6300    [SAI 23422]
14        1/8       1          5400    [SAI 23452]
14        1/8       20mm  5460    [SAI 23457]

*Special order items will have an asterisk before the configuration description (4X Large, Tall, etc.). Special order items are non-stocking, will be back-ordered and are non-returnable/refundable. Please ensure that the sizing/configurations are correct prior to ordering these items.