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MSR Fuel Bottle Replacement Child-Resistant Cap
Price: $10.00
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Item #: MSR 29133 -

Providing extra safety, this push-down-and-twist child-resistant cap is compatible with all MSR liquid fuel bottles manufactured after 1981. Meets U.S. CFR 1700 and Health Canada requirements.

MSR Fuel Bottle Replacement Cap
Price: $7.00
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Item #: MSR 29129 -

MSR Fuel Bottles
Price: $17.95-$21.95
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Item #: MSR 1183 -

Made from impact extruded aluminum. No seams or welds. Resistant to cracks, leaks and bulging when pressurized. Holes in shaft of child resistant cap allow measured flow and prevent messy spills. Threads machined into neck of bottle ensure long lasting seal.

MSR DromLite Water Hauling Bags
Price: $26.95-$32.95
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Item #: MSR 5705 -

WATER-HAULING UTILITY WITHOUT THE WEIGHT.This ultralight version of our collapsible Dromedary® Bags weighs less, but still features a tough 200-denier Cordura® exterior for reliable, backcountry water storage and delivery. Inside is the same BPA-Free, food-grade polyurethane laminate that can handle freezing and accessories like the Shower or Hydration Kits increase your options on any journey.Tough: Made with rugged 200-denier Cordura.Ultralight: Weighs 30% less than Dromedary Bags.Compact:...