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Gear Keeper

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Gear Keeper Smart Phone Keeper
Price: $22.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GEA RT55470 -

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! ONLY 1 REMAININGStop worrying about losing or breaking your expensive smart phone! Easy to attach with pad-eye phone attachment with heavy duty adhesive, flexible lanyard for easy stowage of phone in pocket, and quick connect disconnect system. Comes with two mounting systems: Snap Clip to D-ring or Stainless Steel Threaded Stud to inside of pocket. Includes iPhone® Connector. ...

Gear Keeper Small Flashlight Retractor with Stabilizer
Price: $27.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GEA RT24322 -

Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of loss or the need to re-clip flashlight. Ideal when using your flashlight and you need to let go to use both hands! Mounts to a flashlight tab, pocket or webbing strap. Stabilizer eliminates flashlight movement. Easy to remove for extending flashlight. Works well with both right-angle and standard flashlights. Recommended for small flashlights (4AA-2C). ...

Gear Keeper Fire Mic Keeper
Price: $22.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GEA RT24022 -

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 3 OR FEWER REMAINING The Lapel Mic is securely attached to your coat’s mic tab or radio pocket or pack strap. Allows mic to be securely extended for talking/listening, without the mic being dislodged/dropped or the need to re-clip after use. Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let it Go - it's always right where you need it and up off the ground. Mic quickly and securely attaches to Mic Keeper with bungie Mic adapter. Pin mount system. ...