Say Goodbye to Structural Fires E-Book

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How you can help prevent fires in homes or apartment buildings, with just a few easy methods.

Created by National Fire Fighter

It’s every homeowner or property manager’s worst nightmare: a home going up in flames. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape with your life and health, you can still lose invaluable objects and keepsakes, not to mention an entire residence. Although structural fires can happen accidentally, there are still a number of risk factors that can raise the chances of a fire breaking out inside a building. Everything from reckless behavior with cigarettes to faulty electric heaters to simple forgetfulness can pose significant risks when it comes to structural fires. Whether you’re an independent resident or the manager of an apartment complex, there are a number of preventative measures that you can, and should, take in order to minimize the risk of a damaging fire. Unlike natural disasters, fires can largely be prevented, and as the homeowner or property manager, it’s up to you to be on the front line to firmly establish safety measures.

In this e-book, we examine some of the statistics and hazards of structural fires in both houses and apartment buildings, and take some time to go over ways to prevent these disasters from occurring.


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