Coyote Camp Jet-Pac Fireline Lunch/Dinner

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JetPac Fireline Meals are innovative field meals requiring zero prep and zero flatware (though we do put flatware in PBJ Lunch to spread your PB&J). Each meal includes a variety of shelf-stable pocket sandwiches, fruit squeezers, meat stix, granola bars, energy bars, electrolyte replacement, and hot beverages. 1200 calories

What puts the Jet: in JetPac? The JetPac Meals are TSA-Friendly, should you need to board a commercial aircraft with you fire gear.

Additionally, with the JetPac Case Option A, we’ve included a 2 oz energy shot in each meal. Using the 5-Hour Energy Shot, JetPac Option A meals offers an extra jump of energy you may need to help you start your shift on the fire line, or to give you the energy you need to complete your shift alert and oriented.

Each 10 Count Case contains the following:
(1) Shelf-stable pocket-sandwich (rotating variety)
(1) Granola bar (rotating variety)
(1) Cookies
(1) 5-Hour Energy shot
(1) Fruit pouch (rotating variety)
(1) Juice pouch (rotating variety)
(1) Trail mix
(1) 1200 calories

Each Spike Case contains 5 meals.

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