FireIce Eductor Nozzle Gun w/ Short Hose

  • FireIce Eductor Nozzle Gun w/ Short Hose - FIC ENS
  • FireIce Eductor Nozzle Gun w/ Short Hose - FIC ENS
Price: $845.00

FireIce is proud to present their most revolutionary and versatile tool for firefighters.

Designed for quick and efficient application of FireIce for urban or wildland firefighting

Great tool for direct fire suppression as well as exposure protection

User friendly and easy to clean

Two connectable 3/4" GHT 6 ft. hoses with one pickup tube

Green and Orange cones for different pressure/volume

1" Ball Valve brush and 1.5" Eductor brush

1.5" diameter yellow expansion tube

All eductor threads are NH. You will need an adapter to connect a FireIce eductor to a different thread type

Eductor Instructional Video

Eductor Quick Start Guide

Detailed information about the threads used

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