Scotty Firefighter 4050 1.5" 3-Way Valve

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Manufactured from Ny-Glas, the Valve is durable, light-weight and corrosion proof. Rated for safe working pressures of 300 psi (900 psi destruction tested).

The handle has been shortened to accommodate Stortz and other large size fittings. Pins have been added to the top of the handle for the use of a spanner wrench to facilitate turning the valve if needed. Flow can be directed by turning the handle to one outlet, both outlets, or shut-off completely.

4050, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” NP Male Threads
4050A, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” NHT Male Threads
4050QC3, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” Fixed Quarter Turn Quick Connect

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