T-Bone Kit for Full Size Vehicles with Screwdriver

Price: $56.95
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When you get a nail, screw, thorn, etc. in your tire you need it fixed ASAP so that you can get back to business. No one wants to mess with a spare. It’s dangerous and time consuming. This kit allows you to fix your tire from the outside anytime, at any location without professional help or extensive downtime. The next time you get debris in your tire get out this kit, remove the debris from the tire, insert a plug with the easy to use tools and you are back on the road in less than 15 minutes. This is the toughest kit on the market and is a permanent repair, not a temporary fix!

Includes T-Bone Handle w/ spiral probe,T-Bone Handle w/ 4" open eye needle, spare 4" open eye needle, screwdriver with reversible shaft & valve core tool, hex wrench, specially formulated lube, razor blade and 40 repairs (20 4" large dia., 20 4" small dia.) in a custom form fitted case.

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