Pelican Universal Helmet Light Holder

SKU: PEL 770
Price: $18.95


Fits all models of industrial and fire helmets and as many as 28 Pelican flashlights, including the SealthLite™ 2410 and MityLite™ 2430. Assembling in seconds with the help of a single flat-head screw driver, the Universal Helmet Light Bracket can be configured into an incredibly wide variety of angles and positions. Three styles of bracket attachment are included.

Fits the following Pelican™ lights:
MityLite™ 2300

M1 2310 LED
M6 2320
M6 2330 LED
MityLite™ 2340 & 2340NVG
M3 2370 LED
M3 2390 LED
StealthLite™ 2400,2400NVG,2400PL Photoluminescent
StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™
StealthLite™ 2400PL Recoil LED™ Photoluminescent
MityLite™ 2420
MityLite™ 2430
StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2450
StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2460 Recoil LED™
M1 3310
PM6 3330 LED
M3 3370

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