"E" Grip Shibble Planting Shovel

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All the attributes of a planting shovel and dibble bar combined with the speed of a hoedad!

Blades have some rust; does not compromise integrity of tool.

"Get the roots in deep and straight." That's always been the objective. From the West to the deep South, foresters have gone back and forth shovels to hoedads to dibble bars. The planting shovel opens up a wide, deep, vertical hole and puts the planter over top of it to ensure the roots are placed straight and deep. The hoedad offers good production but the possibility of j-roots or tilted trees occurs when the planter is moving too fast and working from a position behind the seedling. Dibble bars can open good holes if the blades are long enough, but can be heavy, combersome and can slow production.

The new "Shibble" is a one piece blade and shank that looks like a tile spade with oversized turn steps (foot plates or kickers). There are no welded back spine reinforcement plates on the blade to add weight and collect mud. The blade is superior plow steel that is perfectly temper hardened and superbly molded into the shank. The specially designed, replaceable fiberglass handle is precision engineered to lock firmly into the shank. Handles are virtually unbreakable and come in a high impact plastic and cushioned ergonomic grip. The "E" grip handle places the hand and wrist in a natural position that reduces wrist fatigue and damage. Planters have reported that once they work with an "E" handle, they would never go back to a traditional "D" grip. The bottom line is a planting tool that is lightweight, fast and meets contract specifications everywhere.

Blade: 11-1/4" long. Concave from 5" wide at the turn steps, gradual taper to 3-3/4". Pointed tip.
Turn Steps (right & left): 2" x 1-1/8" deep
Overall Length: Standard 38"
Weight: 3.75 lbs.

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