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High Pressure Wick® 4-Stage Pump End

SKU: MRP 79W1216
Price: $1,670.00

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Applications for this pump are in the field where high pressure and long hose lays are required. This pump is designed to be used with 185-210 cc 2 stroke or 13-24 HP 4 stroke engines, and is the workhorse of forestry fire fighting. Attachment to engine is via a quick-connect pump mounting clamp (see MRP 79W212). 2” NPSH Suction, 1-1/2” NPSH Discharge.

Bottom Drain and Sealed Bearing Option:

Tired of your pump freezing? The bottom drain allows for all water to be removed from the pump. Additionally, the sealed bearing eliminates the need to lubricate your bearings and reduces downtime due to cracked bearings. Reduce maintenance/repair costs with this option.

National Fire Fighter Corp. offers a complete high pressure 4-stage pump end as well as all replacement parts.

*Special order items will have an asterisk before the configuration description (4X Large, Tall, etc.). Special order items are non-stocking, will be back-ordered and are non-returnable/refundable. Please ensure that the sizing/configurations are correct prior to ordering these items.